Features of Titanium


【Secret Magical Energy of Ti &Ge】

TI 英文

The special characteristics of Titanium

1. It is lightweight sturdy not rust.

2. Protects from Electromagnetic Field(EMF)radiation.

3. Deepens restful sleep.

4. It does not produce allergic reactions in the human body.

5. Increases energy vitality.

TI2 英文

TI3 英文

GE 英文

The special characteristics of Germanium

1. With Negative ions that encourages blood circulation metabolism.

2. It is a naturally-occurring trace element which can significantly aid fundamental bodily processes by elimination free radicals.

3. It increases the alkaline level of the body to neutralize harmful acid, maintaining natural body balance improving sleep quality.


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The special characteristics of Magnetite

1. It can balance the positive negative currents inside our bodies and promote good health.

2. It can relieve aches in the waist, back, fingers joints.



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